Services Provided

Full Psychological Evaluations -- including intellectual, achievement, and personality testing

Psychotherapy -- Cognitive behavioral/Family Systems Approach with individuals, couples, and families; Play Therapy

Group Therapy -- Grief/Loss, Chronic illness, Divorce, Social Skills, Positive Parenting, Anger Management

Areas of Specialty

Child Behavioral Problems
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder/School Related Issues/Learning Disabilities
Childhood Chronic Illness (Pediatric Psychology)
Anxiety/Panic Disorders
Oppositional Defiant/Conduct Disorder
Anger and Stress Management
Parent/Child/Sibling Conflict Issues
Adjustment to family changes/stress (Divorce, Adoption,  Foster/Step-Families)
Parenting Skills
Domestic Violence/Child Abuse/Neglect
Couples/Relationship issues
Eating Disorders
Women’s Issues
Assertiveness Training


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