Psychological Services Offered for Children, Adolescents, Adults and Families

Harriet A. Brodsky, Psy.D.
Helping Children, Individuals and Families
Deal With Life Issues

Dr. Brodsky is dedicated to providing ethical, effective and caring professional psychology services.

After gathering thorough background information on each client, she helps the client to develop an individual treatment plan specifically designed to meet their needs and goals.

 Her treatment philosophy is based on cognitive behavioral therapy principles, and founded on her belief that with support and empathic understanding, people can achieve positive and meaningful change in the quality of their lives.

In a safe, nonjudgmental and respectful therapeutic environment, she helps people explore the emotional obstacles and self-defeating patterns that obstruct their path to a more satisfying life.

As self-understanding develops, it leads to increased opportunities for meaningful interpersonal relationships and self-love, which also allows for healthier life choices.

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